Forklift MHE Operator – Crown or Raymond Reach (Stand-up)

Jombone Calgary (RT)

Smed Lane, Calgary, AB, Canada

Available Shifts

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Pay Rate Range

Desired Skills

Job Motivators

Not available

Job Description

Job Function

Forklift operators are responsible for operating and maintaining industrial trucks to load and unload materials and deliveries moving to and from storage areas, machines and loader docks, into truck trailers dockside or to warehouse storage facilities. 

Mandatory Requirements

  • Current FL License applicable to specified machine type 
  • Experience with double height racking 38’ and double depth drive in 
  • 1+ years’ operation of motorized forklifts  
  • Adhere to Occupational Health & Safety-ON best practices 
  • Physically capable lifting 50 lb unassisted 
  • Proficiency using WMS software & RF Scanner wireless hardware 

Job Responsibilities

  • Load and unload wrapped skid inventory and materials 
  • Pick, pack, quality check & stage outbound order pick slips at dock 
  • Receive inbound shipments and consolidate to bin locations 
  • Prepare shipping labels and bills of lading 
  • Perform cycle counts as required - troubleshoot and resolve issues  
  • Log and record systems per procedures
  • Inspect and perform maintenance of forklifts and MH equipment 
  • Identify safety hazards & follow company SOP guidelines 

Soft Skills

  •  Attention to detail & recording accuracy of in & outbound materials
  •  English – clear verbal command, reading comprehension  
  •   Focused, sense of urgency to meet daily KPI’s in a fast-paced environment
  •  Courteous, respectful, works well independently on operations team 

Physical Demands & PPE

CSA ‘green tag’ Safety Boots with ankle protection; Safe Lifting: 1 to 50 lbs (intermittent order picking);   Physicality – 50% standing, walking, lifting, bending & 50% driving


Not available